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Data Analysis

Sensible information from all kinds of data sources

Vast amounts of data is extremely valuable, but without proper analysis all that data is useless. Our background in astronomy and computer sciences make us uniquely qualified to analyse and to produce sensible information from all kinds of data sources, both big and small.

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Industrial Automation

Extensive expertise in industrial automation

An efficient production line is the cornerstone of a successful facility. Proper planning of the whole line is key, because a single process or machine can create a bottleneck and slow down production. Alshain has extensive expertise in industrial automation, from streamlining processes, locating and fixing possible issues to programming robotic arms and designing entire modular automation systems.

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Programming & Development

Standards set by the European Space Agency

Whether it's programming a robot for a production line, creating back end solutions for an exotic platform or shaping the front end of a website or a mobile app, Alshain can produce code that's up to standards set by the European Space Agency.

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Ability to actually do it

Not only does our our shared experience give us the knowledge of how to implement complex ideas and technologies, it gives us the ability to actually do it. Whether it's building a real time tracking system for rally cars, an NFC based information sharing system for professional events or a smart room that puts the user in complete control over their surroundings, we have the skills and tools to implement our concepts.

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