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Multipurpose 3-axis stage with compact form factor

Desktop sized 3-axis stage that can be equipped with myriad of functionalities. Due to its precision, it can be used as a semi-automatic probe card holder or as any other testing apparatus.

Olvaldi utilizes state of the art machine vision and comes with cameras and microscopes. Olvaldi is capable of positioning and aligning itself actively while running.


Size, capabilities and cost

  • Accuracy: 5 μm at 1σ
  • Travel: X: 175 mm, Y: 175 mm, Z: 50 mm
  • Speed: 80 mm/s
  • Footprint: 450mm x 400mm x 450mm
  • Weight: < 25 kg
  • The table's and stage's hole pattern is compatible with optical tables (25mm x 25mm grid with M6 threads).
  • Active machine vision for positioning and aligment

Prices start from 8200€ + VAT


Customization and possible attachments

  • 4½ inch probe card holder
  • Dispensers
  • Vacuum chuck (for 6 inch wafer)
  • Other fixtures and jigs